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Mick Mercer’s Review of FPR

Jamendo download

This is a collection of songs from 2003 to 2007, and available free from the url provided, so I’d advise you check these Russian Goth/Industrial/Whatever merchants out because they have more than a fair few ravishing moments.

‘Intangible’ is a bewitching intro with mysterious but crisply inviting words over chiming, shimmering synth, then some guitar intercedes in the pleasantries to keep ’Daydream Diary’ rotating with linear energy, requiring tougher vocals from our chanteuse who narrows her eyes, and there’s a rich commercial attraction here as well with a brightly inquisitive chorus.

‘More Than…’ is just as moody but inventive in its simplicity where they allow such an empty sense of everything, with poetic streams of words and a sense of ease, but this is truncated sharply. ‘…All Pain And Laughter’ cascades over tumbling percussive spirals and a tugging swoosh of sound but again this stops short. ‘Guardian Angel’ is soft gothy pop spread out and full of thorns.

‘Aeons’ heats up with plinky percussion and a dour synth wash as a backdrop, like a saucy ambient take on Mission Impossible. ‘Eyes Of Grief’ is subdued but warm and lush, and beautifully interesting but again we have a switch to the starker, stiffer ‘Embrace Me’, skilfully edgy atmospheric music with more deviously delightful singing. ‘Fool’s Paradise Revisited’ has a maudlin traditional air but they quickly introduce the modern pain and confusion. ‘My Spirit’s Flight’ is gothic rock with icicles, and develops naturally as a melancholic attack. Musing fragrantly, ‘Vortex Interlude’ is quite wonderful transporting until some hideous guitar desecrates it, ‘Salvation’ does the doe-eyed Gawf Rock thing, and ‘Shattered 21’ gets to build in a deceptively echoey fashion, the synth a light snow storm, the sounds seeping away from you as you try to make sense of it all, but it’s like someone has whispered you a secret as you’re slowly waking and it will remain forever lost.

Haunting stuff, this.


Taken from http://mickmercer.livejournal.com/925902.html 

United Gothic Underground

United Gothic Underground, a free to download compilation of gothic rock/new wave artists featuring Spinefish, is out! Spinefish participates with the track Fool’s Paradise Revisited. Other bands in this compilation are: Tenebre, The Red Crayon Aristocrat Club, False Faces, Christabel Dreams, The Trespass, Venus Mourning Dress, The Silence Industry, Soror Dolorosa & Noctiflora. So it’s time to “open a bottle of red wine and enjoy these underrated bands.”

United Gothic Underground free compilation

Download United Gothic Underground

Fool’s Paradise Revisited Released!

I’m happy to say that today is the release day of Fool’s Paradise Revisited. The publisher is AFmusic as it was announced earlier. The album is in all major digital music stores. Those who prefer a CD can purchase one. And, of course, it is available for free download under Creative Commons license. Go to the release page for more information.

Fool’s Paradise and more on Jamendo

Fool’s Paradise on JamendoImpressed & inspired by the idea of free & legal music sharing I have recently uploaded some music of Spinefish on Jamendo, “a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under Creative Commons licenses.” So now you can listen and download our tracks from there without any limitations and a feeling of guilty conscience. Your stars (and reviews) are always welcome :) Well, first of all, it’s Fool’s Paradise EP of 2004. Now it comes with a bonus part that includes two tracks from Daydream Diary (single 2005) and four notable songs from Clandestine LP of 2003. The best opportunity to learn what early Spinefish was like as a one-moonling band. Other releases are Vortex and Fool’s Paradise Revisited that represent Spinefish as a sweet-sour fruit of creative collaboration.

I believe I will be publishing our newcoming releases there as well as I find the service to be one of the best of its kind.

Jamendo : Free music

Various Artists – 25

Hardly have I returned to senses after the “breaking news” about the release of Fool’s Paradise Revisited on AFmusic, when another surprising event happened. Today AFmusic’s compilation entitled 25 has come out and we are among the participating artists. Surprising because Falk, the boss, told us about his intention to include our track only yesterday and we, a bit perplexed, just said yes. And today we have found ourselves among such amazing artists as Thora, Emerald Park, Noctiflora, Curious, All:My:Faults, The Search, and many others :) It’s nice when things go rapidly.

An excerpt from the press-release:

Spinefish on 25 by AFmusic“25 publications, more than 150,000 free downloads, bands from Germany, Sweden, Russia, Italy and Brazil – this is the shorthand for the fledgling Netlabel afmusic. Specialized in the rather gloomy sounds of Dark Wave, Gothic rock, Indie, Alternative and Industrial Rock, it’s time for a brief look back…25, the summary of half a year working with great bands and an outlook on what will follow.”

See more information on the 25’s page on af-music.de.

Yeah, the compilation is available for free download. Use this direct link to download the zip-archive.

P.S. Gmayalohren and I have listened to 25 today and it left quite positive impressions in us. AFmusic does good work and we are sure we have found the proper publisher for our forthcoming album ;)

Fool’s Paradise Revisited on AFmusic

Spinefish on AFmusicThis September is going to be fruitful for the band in terms of music publishing. Our latest Fool’s Paradise Revisited will see the light on German AFmusic (apart from Vortex that comes out on Ekleipsi). The release of the album is scheduled on September 22. Among the artists that are on AFmusic there are All:My:Faults, Thora, The Search, Noctiflora, and some more remarkable bands. We are happy to join the family ;)

A few words about the album. Fool’s Paradise Revisited was recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered in our HLL studio in spring-summer 2007. The album consists of 13 pieces of 2003-2007 made with the style and sound that we have developed to date. Thus, it’s a kind of our renovated anthology.

Well, for the first time ever I’m starting to feel a little bit more significant, heh :)