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Since 2002 Spinefish, an indie gothic band from Russia, has developed its specific style and sound with abundant keys, versatile guitars and distinguished female vocals. Therefore, it was decided to rerecord some good old stuff as well as the new one in order to create a kind of the band’s renovated anthology. So after 5 years of research and experimentation Fool’s Paradise Revisited eventually saw the light marking an important step in the band’s biography. The album consists of 13 remarkable pieces of 2003-2007.
A 40-minute musical adventure of 11 interconnected acts making up a vortex of tension and relaxation, hatred and infatuation, hope and desolation, intimacy and alienation. A story about a man undergoing a long path of spiritual trials. Departed but coming back to life with a strong belief in his personal infinity.
Fool’s Paradise is an original 5-track EP recorded in 2004. Offering gothic trip-hop with ambient and experimental touch it comes now with a bonus part containing Daydream Diary, a single of 2005, and four notable tracks from the long-play Clandestine (2003). The best opportunity to learn what Spinefish was about in its early years.

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