Valentine’s Heart

Valentine’s Heart compilation by EkleipsiValentine’s Heart, “a compilation for a (nec)romantic day” is finally released. It includes 12 songs from Ekleipsi artists. Spinefish participates in the sampler with the track Cold that is, in fact, a new version of Act 3 from the album Vortex. The compilation is available for free download.

Visit the release page
Download Valentine’s Heart

And as the press-release says: “In the sweetest day of the year, this time you’ll have something… different!”

Tales From the Dark Festival

Catch us live at Tales From the Dark Festival that will be held in the club Respect, Orel on February 7. Spinefish will share the stage with some remarkable local bands including Dark Screamer (dark metal), Lycanthropy (black metal), In White Embrace (melodic-death metal), Mysterial (black-doom metal), How To Perform Deepthroat Fellatio (brutal death/grindcore) and Ректальный Сипъ (grindcore). The show promises to be really mighty. It starts at 18:00 pm.

Howly Night has Fallen

Howly Night, a free digital X-mas compilation by AFmusic and Zorch Factory Records, is out today.

Howly Night X-mas compilation“23 more or less known bands with mainly previously uneleased tracks are on ‘Howly Night’. With the first track ‘Dead End’ from Dorcel the listener get trapped into a wonderful melancholic world, which is mainly the undertone on all tracks of this compilation.

Besides already well known acts like The Search, Curious or Camp Z especially the new names are setting the highlights on this compilation. An example for this are ‘Ghost In The Snow’ from (((S))) and ‘Game’ from Notes From The Underground. Everybody who likes the styles of music pointed in the beginning should see ‘Howly Night’ as a commendation. Music for cold winter days that warms heart and soul.”

The compilation is available for free and legal download.

Download from AFmusic
Download from Zorch Factory Records

Enjoy the music and Merry X-mas!


I have been recently emailed that Spinefish has finally appeared in the catalogue of AWAL, a well-known British iTunes aggregator. Apart from our officially released albums you will find there our works that have never (or at least partially) been brought to a wide audience before (including Clandestine (LP 2003) and Daydread Diary (single 2005)). So you are welcome:

Spinefish on AWAL

20.12.2008: Spinefish in Galaktika

The band will give a live performance in the club Galaktika, Orel this weekend. The event is proudly entitled Chyornaya Yolka (i.e. Black New Year’s Party). This is a traditional local pre-New Year’s party with quite a number of participating bands, though, Spinefish takes part in it for the first time. The show starts at 17:00 pm.