14.06.2008: Spinefish in Ka-Ka-Ka

Spinefish in Ka-Ka-KaSpinefish will perform live in Orel noise club Ka-Ka-Ka on June 14, 2008. The show starts at 19:00 pm. Though Spinefish have given a number of concerts in different cities of Russia, it will be the band’s second performance in the hometown. And the first one in this year. To some extent it symbolizes our ‘live revival’. Spinefish will share the stage with Orel art-pop industrial band Eretiki.

11 thoughts on “14.06.2008: Spinefish in Ka-Ka-Ka

  1. What kind of concert will it be, I wonder? Who will be on vocals? Are you going to use your new synth? Please remind me of your phone number.

  2. I wish I knew!:D

    The radiant and sweet-voiced M.Y. will be on vocals and we are seeing each other this Sunday to clarify the issue of radiance and sweet-voiceness, if you know what I mean.

    My new synth? How did you know?:) It’s quite unusual for me in terms of control and general approach to music production. So many knobs, he-he:) Yes, I hope to get it on the stage if we become friends by that time.

    Check your inbox. I’ve sent you the email with my number. And a couple of abstract jokes as usual:)

  3. So, it’s high time to say a few words about the past live performance. Two weeks of sporadic scanty rehearsals… And the fact we met all together only on the stage… Engaging additional guitar-player who never played with the band before… Hardly coping with the new synthesizing equipment… Sounds like an excuse for shit-show. But it was not. On the contrary. It’s a usual thing to write about general impression in the beginning. And the general impression is good, not more, nor less.

    Ka-Ka-Ka is a small noise club located in the suburbs of Orel. You would never find it without a map. And it’s quite a problem to get there using public transport. Hope we would never use it if we happen to play in Ka-Ka-Ka again. Industrialized garaged area… Junk and debris… Destruction and desolation… More alliterated words? Ok, drainage, damage, dampish, dumpish… Enough to describe the set-up.

    I should shamefully admit that I probably know nothing about art, pop and especially industrial, as I expected to hear a bit different kind of music from the band which style is entitled art-pop industrial. Or maybe it’s my wishful thinking. Eretiki were great in using projector showing the audience animations and black-and-white shots. I believe this would be a significant contribution to our live shows as well, if done properly. I’m definitely going to set it afloat. And Gmayalohren is already into it :)

    What can I say about our performance? I think, it was quite usual and was much like our previous ones. Except for some things. First, we never played in front of so few people. It’s not the quality-quantity question, when both are absent. Second, no time limits were set, so we did all songs from Fool’s Paradise Revisited. As a result, I can say that it was not very much of a real show but rather a public rehearsal. I’ve already mentioned that we never met all together before the concert, and I did individual work with every Spinefisher. Anyways, it was important for me to get confident and optimistic about the fact that Spinefish can still be alive when “live”. Yeah, and it was my birthday, by the by :)

  4. Hi there!
    Sounds cool. Too bad I just found out about the concert, or I might have joined “so few people” and incresed the quantity…significantly? :-)

  5. M.Y.’s photo is very beautiful! Mic-praying… I think I know what part exactly she is singing there. “Mind and body torn by anguish…”

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