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Tales From the Dark Festival

Catch us live at Tales From the Dark Festival that will be held in the club Respect, Orel on February 7. Spinefish will share the stage with some remarkable local bands including Dark Screamer (dark metal), Lycanthropy (black metal), In White Embrace (melodic-death metal), Mysterial (black-doom metal), How To Perform Deepthroat Fellatio (brutal death/grindcore) and Ректальный Сипъ (grindcore). The show promises to be really mighty. It starts at 18:00 pm.

20.12.2008: Spinefish in Galaktika

The band will give a live performance in the club Galaktika, Orel this weekend. The event is proudly entitled Chyornaya Yolka (i.e. Black New Year’s Party). This is a traditional local pre-New Year’s party with quite a number of participating bands, though, Spinefish takes part in it for the first time. The show starts at 17:00 pm.

14.06.2008: Spinefish in Ka-Ka-Ka

Spinefish in Ka-Ka-KaSpinefish will perform live in Orel noise club Ka-Ka-Ka on June 14, 2008. The show starts at 19:00 pm. Though Spinefish have given a number of concerts in different cities of Russia, it will be the band’s second performance in the hometown. And the first one in this year. To some extent it symbolizes our ‘live revival’. Spinefish will share the stage with Orel art-pop industrial band Eretiki.